Monday, October 26, 2015

Well this week definitely was different...

Well this week definitely was different…

It was kind of cold all week, there is a hurricane touching in Mexico right now, and for some freaky reason it reaches all the way here! We're supposedly landlocked and the flipping hurricane reaches here. Nuts right? 

Everyone here is getting ready for Dia de los muertos, and Halloween. 
Dia de los muertos is like a big festival that they have every year, and really it’s just another excuse for people to get drunk... sadly. So I have been told that we will have to be in the house early that day... lame right, I don't even get to go trick or treating! I already have my costume! (Missionary haha =) )

Well this week was good because I am learning to love my companion, he stills drives me nuts but I always pray for help and it works, Heavenly Father loves me and so he helps me to be patient and trust me…It’s not easy! But I am improving! That’s what counts, doing better than the day before. 

We had kind of a rough week in and of that a lot of our appointments fell through.... we didn’t have very many appointments, well with investigators that is, we always have a ton with members. The members here are awesome, very nice and loving people, and they LOVE the missionaries, maybe a little too much... One sister La Hermana Tiscareno, calls us daily to invite us for food. She is an elderly lady and maybe her mind doesn’t function perfect.... but she’s funny, and loves us. I will be chubby when I leave this area, I can already tell. =)
We are in an area that’s kind of more like a small town, a little bit more isolated, not quite so much going on, a lot of people are farmers. I like it. It’s nice and flat too. 

Thank you to all who freely give me of their time, money, and love. 
I love you all so much and you are in my prayers! 

So we went to the temple this week. 
First off the Mexico City Temple is gorgeous. 
Secondly the spirit there is strong! 
We all went as a zone, and I loved it. 
The session was amazing and I really did receive the revelation that I needed that day. 
I felt so so happy and peaceful inside, almost didn’t want to leave, I felt so close to God. 
It was an amazing experience, I will leave it at that. 
I didn’t see brother Hopkin though.... Haha! (A brother from my Provo ward who is in one of the movies)  I can testify that the temples are the bridge in between Earth and Heaven. 
We need to be in those bad boys as much as possible! 


Thank you so much for all your help to help me build my faith, I really need it.  I have been trying hard to build my faith, so that we can find new people to teach and so that they can be baptized.  I know I am meant to baptize someone here in Huitzilzingo.  I just have to find them. 
God knows where we are, and what we are going through.  He puts us in places and with people so that we can better achieve the blessings that He puts in our path.  So the next time we find ourselves somewhere where we wouldn’t like to be, or with someone that drives us nuts, STOP, ponder and think…”What is it that God wants for me?” and then make it happen, while praying a lot. 

I love you all so much.  I had been having problems with thinking about home and all that again, but I made a promise with God, that if I give it everything I have that He will help me not have that problem again, and since the temple I have not had that problem.  So that means I had better give all this body of mine has. 

I love you all!
Elder Galbraith

Elder Camacho and I

Being Silly!

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