Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Crazy Week, Splits, and General Conference!

Well this week was nuts. On Wednesday my comp said this week was going by fast, and I said it’s only Wednesday... And now look. I blinked and here we are in Monday....crazy right? Wow, time flies!

Well I am blown away that my Grandma and Grandpa Coleman are going to on a mission to the Washington DC Temple... That is crazy. They are going to be so blessed for that, I had absolutely no idea of their intentions to serve another mission. That’s so cool!! They will love it. Ha-ha looks like DC is going to have to adjust 2 big things when Grandpa gets there. 1 their obedience, 2 their softball program!! Ha-ha!! =)

Conference was awesome! We had to privilege to listen in English! I loved Jeffrey R Holland’s talk of course! And Devin G Durant! I will be starting my ponderizing with Alma 22:15. I love that scripture! I also really liked Vern P Stanfils, about biking in the tunnel. It was real cool! I felt the spirit very strong. I love conference!  It stinks that it went by too fast; it’s never gone by that fast for me before!  Speaking of Jeffrey R Holland, I just want to say how much I love my mom. I never said it enough how much she did for me and how she still continue to do so much for me.  There are two really important days for a boy, when he meets his mom and when he understands all she does for him.  I really liked the talk by Von G Keetch too, about the surfers in Australia, and the importance of the barrier, that resonated deeply with me.

This week rocked, we found 11 new investigators! That’s pretty crazy! 
I went on divisions with a Dominican...that was interesting. Elder Rosario is a good guy, we had a good time and worked hard but I missed by own bed. (In Ayotla, don’t talk to me about my bed in Provo)  We cooked steaks again today, all the gueros. It was good! After we played basketball. This week was very good; very spirit building and very good. I love the mission. Sometimes Mexico pisses me off, but that’s good because I asked to learn patience and the Lord said, here you go, have fun in Chalco! And that’s what I am doing! 

I just finished the BOM recently and have started doctrine and covenants!  I have taken the challenge to read Preach my gospel in 13 weeks. I am almost done with chapter 3. I have felt an improvement in my life since I started. 

Let me just say that although we pray for blessing and sometimes get challenges, we need to remember that just around said challenges there will be something super great, and sometimes we don’t recognize it. Then we wonder if we are broken, but if we pay attention and focus we will see it. Eyes to see and ears to hear! 

Keep going, keep working, fighting, being an example, being a light, being better than the world. 

Don’t you quit! 
Or like Sam says to Frodo, don't you let go! REACH! 
That’s all we gotta do! Hold on, and keep reaching! 

I love you all!!!

Elder Galbraith 

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