Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Working Hard and still Loving Being a Missionary!!

Well first of all Aranza from the family Monroy and Abimelec two of our investigators got baptized. YUP!  It is true.   We have been working like crazy. All day every day, without exceptions and it does pay off.  We had 2 baptisms in one day, it was super cool. 

Abimelec at one point said that God doesn’t exist.  He has made a great change, and now he is a member of the church, soon to receive the priesthood.  

Aranza is an investigator from one of our families and the rest of her family is dragging their feet, but said that they felt the spirit in her baptism and her grandpa and mom cried. 
We confirmed them on Sunday, so that was super cool. 

We had an activity with the zone doing street contacts and total in like an hour or 2 the zone contacted 273 people.  That’s pretty cool! 

Want to hear something super cool? We had to go to the mission offices to meet with this guy from the CCM and when we got there DHL showed up and said there was a package, but the offices were closed and the elder inside NEVER answers his phone after 3pm.  So we called the elder and he answered and said we could take the package… and guess who the package was for???? ME!!!  It was a pure blessing that we showed up when we did, and that the elder answered his phone.  That is pretty cool Huh?

We also had the opportunity to have a teacher from the MTC accompany us to work for 2 days to observe how we plan, work, and teach, to try and help new missionaries in the MTC.  It was super cool, he helped us a lot, and we learned some new stuff we can apply to our work. 

I heard about Elder Richard G Scott.  That’s crazy…3 apostles have died in like 3 months... that’s insane.  That hasn’t happened in a very loooooooooooooong time, but that means this General Conference is going to be super important! I can’t wait to watch it. 

I love you all so much, you are strong and you are dedicated and God knows it.  Keep doing it, and keep fighting and you will win. 

I love you.  Hasta la próxima ves mis queridos, cuídense. 

Elder Galbraith

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