Tuesday, September 1, 2015

This week was AWESOME!!!

This week was AWESOME!!! 
I didn’t have changes! I get to stay with Elder Camacho another cycle! 

Us and Luis
We had another baptism! Elder Camacho and I baptized a boy named Luis! I had the privilege of preforming the baptism.  He’s 13 and already knows the doctrine probably better than me! He’s a miracle for missionaries!  

Also the sisters had a baptism and the boy, Marco, asked me to baptize him.   

We had 5 baptisms in one day.  Us and the ZL's.  The spirit was so strong, it was wonderful.  I was wet, and cold, AND HAPPY!!! 

One of the best experiences in my life thus far.  I felt the angels there that day that’s for sure!!

This is for those of you who remember the jumpsuit I wore last time…Oh the white pants were wonderful! I loved them! And they fit me good!! 
Haha  that jumpsuit…suuuuuucked...... hadn’t been washed in ages.....

I am sorry to hear that some of you are having a hard time and feeling alone, that’s rough.  Something that we teach daily is that WE ARE NEVER ALONE. The Holy Ghost is always with us! I can’t remember the exact scripture but it says that not even a leaf in a forest falls without God knowing, so this means that anything and everything that happens on this planet is something God knows, our trials, our successes our pains and reliefs.  He wants the best for us, he wants to talk to us, he wants to help us and he loves us!  This love from God is 20 times more powerful than anything we can experience that comes from the world. I felt so distant from my family for a time, and from God but he has made it clear to me that we are never far away from God, and if we are far from our families we can feel their love through the blessings our God, our Heavenly Father. It’s something miraculous right? 

This is the true church of Jesus Christ, He is the Christ and He lives!  They love us and through them we are successful and happy and powerful. 

I love you all so much.  
You are the best.  You guys rock, thank you all for your constant support and prayers.  They keep me going.  You have no idea.

Keep the faith and keep smiling. 

Elder Galbraith

Us and Luis with his family

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