Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Mexico Rocks!I

Mexico rocks!! Ha-ha. 

Another week has flown by.  The time does that and I am going to have 6 months in the mission field on Friday.... that was quick! 

I had an awesome experience this week!  Yesterday we were able to attend the rededication of the Mexico City Temple! It has been closed for renovation for 2 years, and finally it’s open. We went to the first session at 9 and it was awesome! Jeffrey R. Holland talked!! Henry B. Eyring too! Those men rock! Jeffrey R Holland actually speaks a little bit of Spanish; he bore his testimony real strong in Spanish! Henry B. Eyring doesn’t speak Spanish but he definitely testified real strong of the gospel.  They talked about the importance of temples and how we gain a better view of everything when we go to the temple.  They also talked about why we need to be worthy and Elder Holland talked about the struggles of the pioneers and despite all of it they built temples!  It didn’t matter what, they did it. 

We saw President and Sister Crickmore sitting in the temple audience... they didn’t hook us up with tickets though...whatever. 

I have been reduced to using my first agenda/planner again as Mexico is having some kind of printing problem but I dropped it in the toilet and it got all ruined and stuff.   All the pages are blank... but it fell in the toilet.  Don’t tell anyone!! Ha-ha, you can, they’ll all laugh. =)

We found some mustaches!
We had some fun before divisions because I can’t grow a real mustache. 

Really I can see blessings in my life and it is an answer to my constant prayers. God loves us. I can testify of His blessings and His kindness.  Because he is a loving God, he wants the best for us and he has established the way that we can best achieve just that, and we know the way, so let’s do it.  Why not?  His yoke is easy and His burden is light. So it says in the bible, I forget the reference and plus I only know it in Spanish... 

This weekend was awesome because we broke our record of contacts and hit 157…that’s not too bad.  AND...

Isabel got baptized!
We worked so hard with her, and she was very happy! 
We were the only people that baptized in the whole mission that day! 
The water was FREEZING!!!! 
I feel very content right now, Isabel is awesome!

Isabel and Her Family
I love you all so so much. 

Keep working and keep up them covenants with the Lord because that’s how we do it here as Mormons. 

Elder Galbraith 

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