Monday, September 7, 2015

I Found Another Country to Love!!

My life is AWESOME!!   I am actually super happy here in Mexico! 

We work hard here, Elder Camacho and I work our little butts off and I am dropping them pounds quick, remember how my pants fit me when I left? Well they’re big... but don’t be worried! I am as healthy as 2 horses on steroids. I feel awesome! I climb them hills darn fast, and still have breath at the top. 

I found another country to love!! 
I am dang far away down here in Mexico, but I feel very close to you guys anyways! I don’t really feel far away, I feel like you’re just at the store or something, or i am just with some friends. It doesn’t hurt at all and that doesn’t mean I don’t miss you but it means that I am focused and that life is going good here in Mexico.  God loves me, and I want to show him I love him too, and for that I will see you all in March of 2017!

I am really excited to return and speak Spanish and translate for you guys!  I really have been blessed with the gift of tongues.  I shouldn’t be able to talk as well as I do for only having like 5 months.  God has blessed me.

I often compare this mission to life.  We leave our homes to serve a mission and to grow, experience pain, and learn and to be tested, and the mission and life are just the same.  I got on a plane to leave for a time and I will return someday.  We are born here on earth and leave God for a while and we will return.  I love it; it helps me to stay focused because really this time is a privilege.  Not many people can serve a mission and not many people choose to serve in the church and return to God, but we will try to help them. Beautiful no?

 Anyways…this week was pretty good! I just read President Crickmore’s email to me and he basically said to enjoy my time here in Ayotla because I might not be there another cycle. I still have 5 weeks here but it’s gonna be the fastest 5 weeks of my life! I am gonna have a new area soon! I am both excited and nervous! But mostly excited and overcome with the spirit. I love Chalco.  I love it. The mission is paradise!! I speak Spanish all day and I can’t speak English anymore, but I don’t care, Spanish rules!!! 

This week we had another interview for our golden egg investigator Isabel, she’s getting baptized this Saturday! And she asked this guy to do it! So were gonna baptize again, me and Elder Camacho worked our tails off for this one and I am super stoked for it!! 

We had a zone meeting today and they did an activity with copies of the Book of Mormon to see if I could set a goal of how many I could hold up with my arm extended straight out and to see if I could get 10. I was told to close my eyes and when the books finally fell I had held 18!!  It was heavy... try it. Anyways the point was that if we just trust in Heavenly Father we will be blessed and He will make us stronger than we ever thought we could be before. It’s awesome right? I won cookies too! 

You all celebrated Labor Day…well, I am gonna celebrate a holiday here too... the Mexican independence day... and all the missionaries have to be in their houses at 6... It gets nuts down here. Ha-ha but I ain’t scared.  They eat a ton of soup called Posole and it tastes awesome!!! I love that stuff.  All my comps say I am gonna eat so much I will hate it. Ha-ha oh Mexico. 

I love this mission and I love the Lord!  It is true that only the humble are like Jesus. I love what it says in Matthew 18 verses 3 to 5; we need to humble and teachable like kids. Because they are without sin. I gave a talk in church again and shared this scripture and felt the spirit a ton! 

Jesus lives and this church is true, Joseph Smith was a prophet of God and everything that those two men taught is real.

Be obedient it’s the only way to be happy. 

I love you all so much.

Elder Galbraith 

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