Monday, March 21, 2016

One year as a missionary, Lizards and Iquanas

Well, this week has been a little slow.  They took me to Mexico City to sign for my visa that means I officially have a year...crazy right? Well I got to take advantage of the time I have left, because it’s not much! 

We had a multi zone conference on Wednesday and that was super cool, to hear all the talks and trainings they had for us.  I liked it a lot!  The rest of the week, was kind of iffy, we haven’t had too many lessons and it has been super-hot! I got kind of badly sunburned on Friday....

We walked tons this week, looking for people and we got rejected a ton this week.  I know it sounds rough but the whole week I was able to feel good that I am a missionary and that the Lord needs me to experiment with different things in order to build my faith, and I can’t build faith if the mission is always easy right? I took comfort in that, that I was able to feel so happy this week even though it was difficult.  I would say that’s my focus for this week...we can be happy even when it’s difficult! 

Today we ate a good breakfast with some members and then we found out that they have iguanas that live in their lot out back so we went hunting with slingshots... and we didn’t find anything, I saw a bunch but thems some fast little buggers!  I did kill a lizard though; they have said I am pretty good with a slingshot! 

We had trouble finding and internet cafe today. I won’t be able to send pictures today, the computer I am using doesn’t want to cooperate....Sorry about that.

We are going to have divisions with the zone leaders again tomorrow! Wish me luck! 

I know that Gospel is true. 
I know that God loves us. 
I know that to prove it, he sent his son, Jesus Christ. 
He has given us the Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith and today Thomas S Monson. 

I love you guys all so so much. 

Elder Galbraith

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  1. Has it really been a year already? You have grown so much!