Monday, March 14, 2016

Trip to Mexico City Temple and a Move!

Well another week in paradise! Living the dream baby! 
No... I cannot believe it!  I have been out here one year and I don’t want to believe it either. That was the fastest year of my life. I still kind of get awestruck at it sometimes. 

Tomorrow I have to go to Mexico City to renew my visa... this came too fast. 
Well that’s the mish I guess.  I still remember my first few weeks thinking, 2 years is too much, and I don’t know how I will do it.  I blinked and holy crap here it is, half way... Well I gotta get er done! Only got 12 months left, that’s still tons of time!! 

We were able to move and all that.  It was relatively easy compared to moving all those times before the mish.   There wasn’t hardly any heavy lifting! Just the beds and the luggage!  There are no rats! Thank goodness! That is a blessing, and we have a door on the bedroom.  That doesn’t happen very often, and I sleep soooooo good now!  Slept like a rock before and now I sleep like a momma bear in hibernation! It rocks! 

Going to the Mexico City temple was suuuuuper cool!  It was so peaceful I, l can’t even describe it.  It was amazing! I felt so calm there, it was super cool!  Oh and guess what?  We had our session with a member of the Quorum of the seventy!  Benjamin De Hoyos! Look him up; He’s the president of the area presidency here in Mexico! He actually lives in my district! (But that’s secret) I love the temple! It was exactly what I needed! I learned what I needed to learn and I will use it to help me with my work! 

I just want to share that this week was another week of learning, I learned a little about charity. I need to develop more of it in my life.  I need to be more patient and more willing to find the love in others, to help them see that I am a true servant of Christ and in so doing, I will be blessed and more importantly OTHERS will be blessed through me because one of the ways God blesses people is through others sometimes even strangers and if I am unwilling to be charitable I will miss out on those blessings!! 

My letter today to President Crickmore!

This week was very special.  We went to the temple which was very special.  I have been waiting to go to the temple for some time.  I love the temple, I still have a lot to learn from the temple and all, but I feel that there is progress.
Elder Costeño remains a champion, continues to strive forward and help me out. This week I learned that there is much more I can give to the Lord, and I'm not giving it.  I have need to be more devoted to the Lord.  I want to give all of my efforts and be happier for my efforts; I learned that in the temple.  And I'll do it.
Tomorrow I will polanco…I cannot believe that.  I still remember my first interview with you.  I thought 2 years seemed like an eternity and now it is half gone.  I do not like that time goes so fast.  My second year I will do even better!!The Church is true! 

Elder Galbraith

Me, Elder Costeño and our ZL's
My advice this week, don’t stress the little stuff, just be yourself, be happy and follow the Lord, and He will take care of the rest. 

I love you, I love the church, I love The Book of Mormon and with all my heart I love Jesus Christ! 

Elder Galbraith

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