Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Another transfer for Me!!

Well I don’t know what just happened.  Your favorite missionary is good, but...
I still am trying to believe it myself.  It caught me well off guard.  Yesterday my Mission President called me and told me that I have been called to be a Zone Leader in the Mexico City, Chalco Mission.  I am still kind of shocked, but I know that The Lord has called me to be a ZL and I know that means work even harder.  So that’s what I am going to do! I will be the zone leader of the same zone where I was the district leader. 
Crazy right? I went in divisions to that area just a week ago and I already know my new area and my comp.  Elder Morales. 

I am kind of nervous, I don’t know how I will do but I am going to work my butt off.
Please keep me in your prayers.  I am here to make you and the Lord proud. 

I completely forgot that it was Easter.... I can’t believe it, it came and went and I had no idea.... I feel kind of dumb now. Ooops. They have some different traditions from the Catholic Church that I saw but I totally forgot it was Easter.  I wondered why in the meetings we had there were so many Jesus Christ videos that we saw.Now I know! But Easter in the field was super easy going, like nothing happened really. So little went down that I forgot it was a holiday again.... 

I just want to share you my testimony, I know that after the trial of our faith comes the blessing. Ether 12:6.  We had a rough week a week ago, but this past week we have seen some legit blessings! We found some cash investigators, and found some really good people to teach, and that’s all great now that I am changing areas!  Haha! But we worked hard, we had new found excitement in the work and I felt the spirit a lot stronger. 

So that being said, I know that the Lord blesses us, always. But he usually starts with the trial, to test us. And then he showers his love over us, if we are willing to endure and endure it will! That is the key!  I love the mission! it’s seriously the best life! I love who I have become and who I will be in the future! 

I love you all so much. 


Elder Galbraith

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