Wednesday, March 9, 2016

This week has been super stellar!

This week has been super stellar! Rosario got baptized! The baptism went very good!! We had a good number of people attend, including some investigators!  Here is a picture! She has been a very good investigator and will be an even better member.  She has already dedicated herself to bring her friends and relatives that aren’t members to the church!  Elder Costeño baptized Rosario, and I knew he was happy.  I gave a little lesson about the restoration and throughout the baptism I felt the spirit very strong! It was super cool!  She was confirmed on Sunday too.  It was a good week. 

Haha well I would say that I am jealous that you guys get to go to St. George and chill in the sun.... BUT I LIVE ON THE SUN!! Haha its HOOOOOOOOT!  I can’t stress it enough, it’s hot. HOT HOT HOT.  So I have been thinking just a little about the snow and rain lately! 

We have found several new investigators, worked harder with the members, dropped a couple investigators that weren’t progressing, and had a ton of fun! 

Elder Williams and me!
We had divisions with the Zone Leaders; I got to work with Elder Williams! Another guero from Washington! He is super cool! He taught me some stuff that can help me, and we had a good day on Tuesday! 

They didn’t let me go to the leaders meeting on Friday.... only zone leaders. Whatever. 
We are going to the temple this coming Friday! FINALLY!! 

A big ol fat rat!
We have been looking for a new house, because ours is super gross.  I don’t know why we lived there for so long. We had a little visitor the other day... a big ol fat rat! That was the last straw, we outta here!  We already found a new apartment and all that, I am stoked for that! 

I can testify that the pride sucks.... If you have it, get rid of it!  I am trying so hard to get rid of it and it’s proven to be a challenge. Life is much happier when we are humble. 
If we want the Lord to mold us and help us we need to be humble. I have been able to see the love for the people, my comp, and myself more in my life since I have been trying to humble myself.  I need to see the beauty in the moment and in the people more often, and we prideful people don’t do it very much.  That is something I want to leave here in Mexico, my pride! Moral of the story, BE HUMBLE!! 

Life is super awesome in the mission! I love it here! I can’t get enough of it! 

Something I have learned recently is that God created us in his image right? And if he is a God, what does that make us?  God’s right? Exactly, but we do acknowledge that we are literally nothing without him. So we need to be with him, be at his side, following his footsteps and finding his lost sheep, and when we do it, we create the potential to become Gods.  That is something that I have liked from my studies lately. 
We can literally come to be Gods. But we need to learn how. That is why we are here and why stuff is hard sometimes.  We can do it, but it will not be easy, so we had better work a little harder in the work. 

I love you so so much. 
Y’all are champs.

Con todo mi amor, (With all my Love,)

Elder Galbraith 

Found a little friend in our house....

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