Tuesday, February 21, 2017

My Last Week as a Missionary for The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter Day Saints!!

I am stoked that I could make it to the temple again last week! It was awesome! I was able to receive some seriously powerful revelation that I needed! I love the temple!  I can testify of the power of the temple! 

I have learned that challenges make us stronger.  I also know that everyone has troubles.  They have had some serious problems just like us too! We are not alone, Jesus Christ knows how we feel, and He will help us out!! He loves us!" 

I am glad that the family is doing so good.  That’s how I know that God answers prayers; he has taken such good care of you guys for me!  Keep on keeping on, cause who knows what He has got in store for ya! Keep working everyone, life gets better and better! 

We have been killing it here.  We had 8 investigators in the sacrament meeting last week and this week we had 11!!! How cool is that?!!  We have seen some awesome miracles!  A family that had to be married to be able to get baptized said that they didn’t want to get married, and then out of nowhere the other day they said that they were ready then to get married! So we are in the process of marrying them!! They get baptized this Saturday!  Another Miracle…some guy just barely moved from the center of Mexico to our ward, saying he got baptized but never got confirmed, and it’s been a while, so he has to get baptized again! He also gets baptized on Saturday!!!  Oh and we baptized Evelin on last Saturday!!  I don’t have the pics yet, but I am on it!! I can’t believe how many cool things are happening right now!!!  The church is true!!!! I know it!! 

So today we went with the zone Moroni, remember that zone? That’s my roots! And we went back to Tlayacapan! Also my roots, we climbed a hill with a big white cross on it. It was super cool!  We have been doing special activities with each individual zone.  It just so happens that in that same hill and that same cross, the famous Mormon band The Killers, filmed one of their music videos there!!! In my mission, in my old are of all places!!  Elder Matos was sooooo happy, that’s his favorite band. It was a really cool day!! 

 Well looks like this might be possibly the last letter I write to my mission president.....

Well, I receive your hug, thank you very much!
We have worked hard with the Elders and Sisters of the mission, and it is giving us results.
We have tried hard to work in Cuautla and we are seeing an increase of the spirit here.  The mission has begun to baptize a little more, and on this coming Saturday we will see MANY baptisms! We baptized one of our investigators on Saturday, and it was really a very beautiful baptism!  I really liked it!!

I feel great right now.  I do not feel trunky or fried or anything.  I like the mission very much. Today we did an activity with the Moroni area.  We went with the whole area Tlayacapan, and we climbed the hill and we really liked it!

Thanks for all your support, and also Sister Zapata's! I love you very much!  Elder Galbraith

I want you all to know that I will leave it all here!  I will leave the mission with no regrets!!! I am going to give it everything.  The Lord is blessing me soooooooo much, I honestly don’t feel that distracted, it’s been a super amazing end to the mission! It’s been the single best decision I have made to this point in my life!  I love you so much! Thank you for everything!! 

Elder Galbraith 

Looking out over Mexico...the land I have come to LOVE!!

Visiting Old Coverts

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