Monday, February 6, 2017

Week of Lasts, 21st B-Day, My Testimony!

Well thank you so much for the birthday wishes! Thank you for remembering! I love you all tons! You have all made this b-day amazing!! Sister Zapata brought me a cake for my birthday! She is seriously so great; it made me feel very happy!

Well…the mission is going to the temple again tomorrow!  We will take the first half of the mission tomorrow and the other half next week! I am stoked to be able to go to the temple so close to the end of my mission. 

So this week, was a week of lasts.  I had my last ever leadership meeting, my last Zone Conference, my last birthday, my last I don’t even know what else, but something else! Ha-ha! It was pretty rad. 

I have been working at a new level with my comps.  We are working in the area pretty well, contacting tons of people, visiting tons of people and preparing tons of people for baptism. This week I have been blessed with a new focus on the work and it hasn’t been that hard to focus on the work and not think about home! 

Today I went to say goodbye to some people in Valle de Chalco, it sucked. I honestly don’t like saying goodbye to the people that I have come to love so much.  But they all gave me food and I left there today, well…engorged! 

I said goodbye to Miguel Maqueda.  He has honestly been one of my favorite converts!! I love him sooo much! Also a Brother Beto, who is also awesome, has decided to move to Utah, to study English. So that’s pretty neat. 

I can and want to testify of the Atonement.  This week we have been learning tons about the atonement.  I have been praying to come to understand it more and trying to have a deeper testimony about it.  I have been trying to repent more sincerely, and let me tell you guys that I felt the spirit STRONG!  I don’t have like a specific experience yet, but I can say that I know that Jesus Christ suffered and died for us, and I know that if we truly and sincerely work hard to repent and change, He will bless and change us. 
I feel so much of the spirit while I think of and ponder the theme of the Atonement. 
I know it’s true. I love teaching it and I am seriously trying to live it! 

FYI… I heard about the Super Bowl…it is overrated, I am on a mission, and it doesn’t really matter, the Super Bowl! 

So I will be seeing y’all soon! 
Keep up the good work! And keep working hard to live the gospel!!  
Les amo mucho!! 

Elder Galbraith 

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