Monday, January 30, 2017

Power of Prayer...Service Works!!

Ok…first of all…I don't miss the snow.  To be honest I really don't.  From what I have heard it’s still quite chilly out there. It's going to be a ruff transition.... I haven’t driven in 2 years either, and I will go straight into driving in snow.... Sounds like you guys are all just covered in snow! Ha-ha. Well you just got to love it, that’s all we can do, there isn’t any other way.

I have been doing a ton of exercise lately.  We have been going to the gym pretty early in the morning! My arms are constantly sore, but I don't feel as tired anymore in the morning when I wake up!

This week we worked a different schedule.  We worked in Cuautla and did divisions with some elders out there. We had some more training with the leaders.  We had some meetings and the leaders changed some things, the mission schedule and a few other things. We decided to change the district meeting schedule as well, just to have something different in the mission.  We found some pretty great new investigators this week too!  We have changed several things here in the mission lately, and I know that this will help us to get different results!  

I just wanted to say that I have felt the power of your prayers! This week we made some plans to work a little harder, talk with more people and to work a little more in sync with each other.  I felt that I have been getting along better with my comps, we communicate more, and we have been praying more.  We even fasted together.  I was thinking the other day, like what made the change? What was the difference? Now I can say that it’s your prayers, that was the added power and umpf that we needed, I think the 4 of us all feel a little bit better together! 

I continue to do service for my comp.  I make his bed and have ironed his shirts too. I have started to see results!  He says thank you now and he has started to do the same for me. Makes my bed, irons my shirts, and we both have made an effort to clean our room and the house more often.  SERVICE WORKS!!! DO service more! It’s divine!

Thank you for all the prayers, the worries, the packages and money and all.  You are all best! I am also praying for each of you.  I know that Heavenly Father loves and protects you! Through thick and thin if we are with Him…He will be there for us, and you have seen those blessings! I have also seen them; I know that if we obey he will pay it back. It’s so true! 

I know that the church is true. This week I have been praying hard to feel the spirit and I have felt it. I have also been praying for the power to stay focused. 

I know that Jesus lives!! 

Elder Galbraith 

The 4 AP's

Where's Elder G?

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