Thursday, January 5, 2017

HAPPY 2017!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HAPPY 2017!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well…we going to have to go ahead and be real quick! 

The end. 

Haha JK! Not THAT quick! 

Well this week was alright, still kind of rough for finding new investigators.  For New Year’s we lost a lot of work time. That’s my biggest struggle right now.  It’s kind of rough going from 100% work to like 50% work.  But I will keep up the good work! I have this burning desire to find and baptize and I know that with the Lord´s blessing it will happen! We have made some serious New Year resolutions and I feel very confident that they will happen!  I will make it come true!  The work here is suuuuper important to me. 

Well them pearly whites continue to be a huge blow to my pride. It hurts sometimes to see and feel them, just because it’s such a drastic change.  But other than that they are healing just fine.  It will take a little longer than one would like but that’s what I got to live with for now.  Don’t keep worrying, but yes keep praying for me.  I will make sure I am doing everything right so that they heal good! 

I just want to express I feel kind of sad that the time has to go by so quickly.  I love being a missionary so much. I love the people, the life, and the country so much. It honestly is so fantastic here in the mission.  It’s really hard to think about coming home sometimes. I really try not to! 

I have learned much and I hope that we can all understand this…It is much easier to be continually obedient than to have to get back on the path after a mess up. Obedience is the only way we can truly be free, sinning binds us to the confine of consequence. 

I can testify that Heavenly Father is with us.  He always is we just don’t notice it sometimes.  I can testify that He is there for us.  When we need Him, He will be there…but will we be there for Him when He needs of us?? Chilling question to ponder on, I want to always be able to say YES! 

 I love y’all so much! The church is true! 

Elder Galbraith 

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