Wednesday, December 2, 2015

First Week of the New Cycle

This week was the first week of the new cycle, E. Rod and push on together! 
Well let me tell you how my Thanksgiving was... I completely forgot.... It was on Wednesday I am pretty sure and on Saturday i realized I missed Thanksgiving.... so that’s how it went for me, ha-ha pretty lame right??  I am glad that you had a good thanksgiving!

Anyways in this week, we worked hard again, we found new people, taught lessons, walked a lot, and worked hard to change lives. 

Elder Bramble (one of the Elders in our apartment) got sick this week, like super sick.  He had a seizure or something like that one day and we ran around town looking for medicine and we took care of him for a bit. He is better now!!

We played soccer today in the church, and I finally scored some goals again! This is progress! I am still by no means good at soccer but I am improving! But the thing that I am dying for is lacrosse!! I miss it soooooooooo much! I wanna play so hard sometimes! But I will have to wait! 

Pics before changes with Elder Riedhead and Elder Vazquez
This week I have been super focused on the rules, I know that one could easily say that it’s okay not to obey all of the rules and one could easily do that, but then there is always the question of ¨what if¨?  I hate this question, it always leaves people with doubt, and it always leaves regrets.  Now we come back to this speech, Live Without Regrets, and I could preach about living without regrets all day long, but all I am going to say is this, Elder Dieter F Uchtdorf has a talk in the Liahona of October and it’s called Finish With Your Torch Still Lit. It talks about finishing a race with you torch still lit, talking about Greek runners that ran a marathon with a torch and it’s not a sprint, they won by finishing with their torches lit.  We need to understand this profound lesson.  Dieter says, we need to acquire the faith to work hard, give our all, leave behind fear and do what the Lord wants us to, to finish strong, and if we do so, WE WILL NOT HAVE REGRETS: 

I am positive that if we apply this in our lives we can be servants of Heavenly Father with faith so strong that it won’t matter what trials we have, we will have our torch lit, and burning brightly! 

I love you all

Elder Galbraith 

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