Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Feb 8, 2016 ~ I'm 20 Years Old TODAY!!

Well, First of all I have to say that I can’t believe that this day has come... I am now 20... gee whiz.  Ha-ha I forgot it was my birthday today actually... I got up and we had a Zone conference and so I had to get ready and fast, and I was ironing my shirt and I realized, Like bro... I am 20 today. No way!  Ha-ha, but my zone sang happy birthday to me and after we went to Little Caesars and ate some awesome pizza!!! President Crickmore came too! My P-day is just going to be chill.  I don’t really want to do anything all that crazy, but several families invited us for cake!! So we will go take advantage of that opportunity!  Jill sent me a package for my birthday! So that’s awesome! She rocks, Thanks Jill!! 

And guess what??? Pres. Crickmore told us that L. Whitney Clayton is going to come to our mission! How cool is that!?

Also, I did hear that the Broncos won the Super bowl!  That’s super dope!  I was kind of bummed that they won when I was in the mission but then I was like ehh I don’t care, it doesn't matter.  We were headed to visit some references and we passed by a huge big screen someone had put up for the super bowl, and I got caught up watching it for a few seconds, and then the spirit slapped me and said ONWARD! So we left and later I repented.  The super bowl isn’t that important. 

I want to go to the temple so bad! We are going again on the 26th of this month and I can’t wait!! It will be awesome!  I want to go to the temple in Provo too! I was thinking about it and I want to go to a lot of temples. 

Well, this week we saw the baptism of our investigator Hermana Lidia Rodriguez! Despite cold water, a broken battery , and other problems and the spirit was there. She is awesome! And her son Lalo(Eduardo) Is a very special person.  He makes me feel very happy.  I don’t know exactly what he has but he is a special needs child, and his mom, Lidia, has her own organization to help special needs kids, Called Corazon Y Vida (heart and life) Serious, this family is amazing, how much they serve people. And now they are members!! 

Now I would like to talk maybe a little direct.  Yesterday, her confirmation day and only 1 day after her baptism, some member, I don’t know who, but someone said some bad things, some rude comment to her about her son. She left the church crying. I felt like someone had literally ripped my heart out.  I felt so bad.  My point is that we are representatives of Jesus Christ and this is unacceptable. I have been praying lots to be able to forgive the person who said those things and I don’t feel as mad, just sad. We have been told many times that we must walk the walk and not just talk the talk, that there will not be any cushion for the Mormons. If we act how we preach we will have no trouble convincing the people that we are something better that the world.  We should be kind to everyone, especially those who are different. 
I pray that we can all make these changes and do what be necessary in order to be more Christ like.  Please Keep Lidia, Jesus, and Lalo, or the family Juarez Rodriguez in your prayers.  They need them. 

I feel very happy here , with my responsibilities , my area, my district , and my comp. The truth is that my comp is a champion and very eager.  We have had many successes together.  This week , I felt the need to seek to know the truth of the Book of Mormon again.  I returned to my knees , and you know what?  The spirit answered and told me…. that the Book of Mormon is true , I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet . The End.

Elder Galbraith 

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