Monday, February 15, 2016

Well Another Monday Has Come Yet Again!

We went for a ride in the truck of Sister Lidia
Well another Monday has come yet again, so here I am! 
Living the good life! 

It’s hot here. Very hot. And I don't like it, I am only adjusting. 
Be grateful for the cold, because it’s a pleasure. 

The time here in the mission is FAST. I can’t believe it, we finished another transfer, and me and Elder Costeño stay together, I am still DL and they are going to add another companionship of sisters to my district..... 
I now have 10 sisters to look after; I basically have my own zone here!  Ha-ha it comes with its challenges but we do good, I am loving it! Just not so much the heat.... that’s a killer.  I have been trying to motivate my district with scriptural references and quotes and stuff and I call them normally in the night after work. We only call and report on Wednesday and Sunday. 

 I got a haircut today! and it is super short! like military style, ha-ha and it feels good with such heat! 

The Mexican carnival came to town this week and let me tell you what, if you think concerts in Utah stink of beer, you should be glad you don’t have to smell it here... it’s HORRIBLE. lots of drunk people and tons of crazies here man, it’s INSANE.  We have had to completely avoid the center of town. It’s like Sodom and Gomorra from the bible. 

All is well with sister Lidia! She told me that all is good, she just feels a little scared that it will happen again. 

I have been thinking in some of my favorite scriptures to share with you and i settled on this baby.
My favorite scripture right now I think would be Alma 7:11-13
I love it because it talks about Jesus Christ and his atonement, and how important it is. 
It means that everything we suffer, he suffered and he knows how we feel! 

Jesus Christ loves us so so much, and for that reason he gave everything for us, even his life. 
But he taught us a lesson with what he did 3 days later, he was risen. He taught us that we too, can do the same. 

This week I have learned a lot about controlling my pride and being more patient, we contact a lot of people in the street and I get mad sometimes cause the people aren’t always nice, but I have been able to change and see a different side of things here, I have become a lot more patient and am trying real hard to stop being prideful. I still have a looooong way to go!  I have studied a lot in the scriptures lately trying to find the answers, because when we want to talk to God, we pray and when we want God to talk to us, we read the scriptures! 

I love you all so much!!  Please keep increasing the faith and keep praying for me, and I promise things will keep improving if you try hard to read the scriptures, pray and go to church! 

God loves you, and I love you! 

Elder Galbraith 

View from a big old hill in our area!

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