Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Pizza, A big flipping Bull I found in the street and I Testify of the Book of Mormon!

Dearest friends! 

Well time flies doesn’t even come close...

Sewing my shirt!
Well this week was a good one! Check the weather report for Yautepec, Estado de Morelos, Mexico.... It’s HOOOOOOOOT!  Haha its crazy hot here, I seriously end the days soaked in sweat. I have started showering in the nights too, just to cool down.... haha but I love it! 

We worked hard this week, super hard, we found a bunch of new investigators too, but 2 special ones we found on Saturday Libni and Jose Luis.  They straight up said that they would get baptized; they just want to be sure of their decision.  I felt a super strong spirit with them, and they came to church! 

On Friday L. Whitney Clayton and Paul B Pieper came to the Mexico Chalco mission!  They gave us a super cool training about teaching your investigators and how to teach well and leave good homework for them to be sure that they progress.  The spirit was intense that day!! 

Pres Crickmore and me on my b-day!
This week I want to share with you all something, I shared the same thing with President Crickmore; (my mission president) so I won’t be putting my letter to him in my letter today because what I will share is the same!  

We visited a less active member that has fallen far from the path, and his situation is bad. He has turned bitter and he started to attack the Book of Mormon a little bit, and then a lot saying it doesn’t match up with what the scientists say and that there is nothing in the history and archaeology that can prove that it's real.  I started to think that maybe he was right.  Then my comp started to testify, and I testified after him and I felt powerfully in this moment the spirit hugging me, and I felt super good.

Family, friends, and esteemed colleagues,  I do not know how to answer all your questions about the Book of Mormon, nor can I prove scientifically all the stuff in order to make sure that it actually happened, but I don’t need to.  I got on my knees and asked a higher power, the God that created this world, and you know what? He answered me and said that it’s true.  I have asked several times and always come to the same conclusion, undoubtedly, IT IS REAL. 

I love the gospel, I love the Book of Mormon and I love Jesus Christ. I know it is real and if you don’t you had better figure it out for yourself. 

I love you all! 

Elder Galbraith 

Eating pizza on my b-day!!

and A big flipping bull I found in the street!

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