Tuesday, July 5, 2016



Well life is good, just so ya know! Life is great! I love my new area! It’s seriously the best here! 

This past week I had some family that went to the temple back home.  (Shout out to those in Washington D.C.)  I am super stoked you could go to the temple! That’s awesome! I am really wanting to go to the temple.  I haven’t been in a while! I want to go.  The temple is such a blessing to those of us who have a temple.  For those in the United States…we don’t have an excuse to not go. So let’s go! 

We have seen sooooo many miracles in our area.  We had our fast on Sunday and we had like 8 investigators in church. We retain 4 baptismal dates and we have found 2 investigators of gold! They are already ready and want to be baptized! I have been able to feel the spirit stronger with Elder Morales than with any other companion I’d say.  I have been able to feel the spirit super-duper strong. It’s awesome!  We have been working super hard in our area and we have been working extra hard with the zone. 

We decided to drop an investigator, she wasn’t progressing like she should be, and the very same day we found a new investigator named Miguel. He goes to church, pays tithing, is legally married, and loves the church.  Just has a little fear to get baptized.  Please pray for him, so that he can make that choice! 

This is the truth. I have seen so many witnesses this week. It blows my mind what I have been able to experience.  It’s logical for me now, Jesus lives, and the church is true.  If someone who reads this isn’t 100 percent sure if the church is true, or doubts their testimony I challenge you to read the BOM.  Dedicate yourself to pray more, and get yourself to church but do it with a sincere heart and THEN ask of God.  Then repeat the process.  I promise to those who do it you will be changed and you will find a testimony.  I am convinced and you should be too!

This is my first letter to President Zapata: 


Well I am happy that you are now my new Mission President. I felt the spirit very strong at the meeting last Friday.  I am very happy that you and Sister Zapata will serve here with us.

To introduce myself a little I’m Elder Galbraith from Provo, UT. I am 20 years old and have 15 months as a missionary. I am serving with Elder Morales in Valle de Chalco.  I love the mission ! We have seen many miracles in our area and zone. The area goes well, some challenges but many miracles too!

Thank you for everything  President, and Sister too.

Love Elder Galbraith

I am super happy that all is good in the hood. 
You guys make me so happy. 
You are the best! 
I love you so so much. 

I like the quote from Thomas S Monson

May we maintain the courage to defy the consensus. May we ever
choose the harder right instead of the easier wrong.

Elder Galbraith

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